Scrumptious baked goods in Northern California

Not your average bakery

Also come visit our fabulous Hidden Tea Room 

310 North California Street, Lodi , CA 95240


Our boutique bakery’s pastries and baked goods are touted as best in town because they are baked from scratch each day. Our philosophy is that all of our baking is done with love! Corner Scone Bakery is both a business and a passion for us, and we love the opportunity it affords for the two of us - mother and daughter - to work together.

Maybe it’s that love that gives our creations the extra flavor that makes them so great. Or it could also be the amazing recipes we use, the top-of-the-line ingredients we rely on, and the fact that all of our baked goods are made from scratch.

Delicious creations from the bakery

Some of the highlights of our menu include:

  • Scones: Mixed Berry, Lemon Poppy and Maple Bacon  are a few of our customer favorites.
  • Cookies: Our famous sugar cookies with butter cream frosting are a great year-round treat. What makes them so special is that they look AND taste amazing! We also offer varieties such as snicker doodles, chocolate chip, peanut butter and a GLUTEN-FREE Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter!
  • Hand Pies: A delicious, savory oven-sandwich made “to fit in your hand.” Some favorites are Herb Chicken Alfredo and Turkey Pesto.
  • Lunch Items: Our Signature “Quiches" three unique soup choices daily, fresh green salads that include house-made croutons and dressing.
  • Special Orders: We have a large selection of baked goods available for special order such as: tea scones, (half the size of our regular scones) mini cupcakes, cakes and pies.