The story behind this Lodi bakery and scone shop.

Mother and daughter team up

Many people dream of starting their own business, and we, Terrie Green (Owner) and Tara Miller (Manager) have been able to do just that. This bakery is the product of our creativity and talents merging together in one endeavor. A question we are often asked is how is it the two of us came together to work as a mother-daughter team. Tara graduated from Sacramento State University in the Spring of 2013 with a Degree in Mass Communications and handles all social media exposure. I, Terrie have made a name for myself in Real Estate, yet have dreamt of opening a bakery once more. The opportunity to collaborate with Tara came along once she graduated and we have been able to make this a win-win for both of us. 

Since we opened, our scones, pies, quiches and baked goods have been garnering rave reviews. In fact, our Pies were voted best in Lodi by readers of the Lodi News Sentinel. We were also fortunate enough to be voted in the top rankings in two categories in the Stockton Record’s Best of Lodi’s Supplement, Best Bakery and Unique Business. Come in today and enjoy a treat and a fresh brewed espresso!

A history of baking

Corner Scone Bakery represents my second time owning a bakery. I was the sole proprietor of Mad Dog Bakery & Café in Sacramento for 15 years before leaving to raise and home school my three children. For the past 13 years, I have been a top-producing Real Estate agent, covering the San Joaquin County with the desire to revisit bakery ownership. The opportunity presented itself March 2013, with Tara graduating soon, and the discovery of the perfect location! This meant Tara and I would be able to work side by side and I felt blessed to have this opportunity. The rest is history…


If you’re looking for some further proof of why you need to come by and try a scone today, take a look at what some of our customers are saying:

“I simply cannot believe I would get so lucky as to find a place that makes scones and tea as good as the ones I had in England right here in Lodi!!” - Emilia M.

“Can't try everything in one day so I chose a few standouts to share with hubby so we can both taste a few things. Maple BACON walnut Scone. Mmmmmm. Also Chocolate Chip Scone. Now, these can be tricky. I've baked them and it's a fine line to not have them crumbly and dry. But they aren't cake per say so shouldn't be "moist". Ours were perfect! Held their texture, dense not crumbly, and most importantly full of flavor!” - Adenna S.

Also come visit our fabulous Hidden Tea Room 

310 North California Street, Lodi , CA 95240